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Constructive Blue Triangles

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Constructive Blue Triangles from Libo is a Sensorial Montessori material designed to help children explore geometric shapes and their properties. The product consists of two sets of triangular pieces in two easy to grip sizes for easy sorting. The pieces are double-sided, with plain blue sides on one side and raised red dots on the other. This tool can assist children in exploring symmetry, patterns, linear relationships and multiple classifications.



Constructive Blue Triangles is a perfect sensorial material for Montessori classrooms. Manufactured to the highest quality by Libo, these triangles come in six sizes and colors to ensure children can maximize their learning. Constructive Blue Triangles are made of child-safe materials and have a fine finish that will last years of use. The colorful profiles encourage children to explore spatial relationships, develop reasoning skills, practice matching and sorting activities with geometric shapes, as well as enhance their visual discrimination capabilities. These high-quality Montessori teaching aids allow children the freedom to build complex constructions from blue triangles of different sizes and explore different attributes. As an excellent fine motor exercise for young learners, Constructive Blue Triangles encourages creativity and improves problem-solving abilities in an entertaining way.


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