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Tasting Bottles

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Libo Tasting Bottles are a sensorial product that helps children understand the concept of taste. The bottles come with three interchangeable tops: a measuring cup, a pipette, and a sipping lid. Each top allows children to explore the sense of taste in their own way, while allowing them to practice fine motor skills such as grasping and coordinating eye-hand movements. Each kit comes with three different liquids in various colors, textures and flavors – allowing kids to experience different tastes without ever coming into contact with dangerous materials. Libo Tasting Bottles offers an exciting way for your child to develop their senses in a safe environment – giving them an enjoyable activity for years to come!



Libo’s Tasting Bottles are a set of sensorial montessori materials specifically designed to help children learn about their sense of taste. This set includes 4 colorful bottles, each crafted with child-safe and non-toxic materials. The bottles are made with high-quality material and a fine finish for extra durability. With this Montessori teaching aid, your students can explore sweet, sour, salty, or bitter tastes. Each bottle can also be used to store any other small items or sensory activities such as sand play. Students can further challenge their senses by sight or smell while adding fun educational elements to their learning experience. Libo’s tasting bottles also come with an instruction manual that allows parents and teachers to conduct interactive tasting experiments in the classroom or at home.


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