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Box with 3 Bins

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Libo presents a Box with 3 Bins, a high-quality product perfect for Infant and Toddler aged children. This product is designed to help develop hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills and early language development. The bins are stackable, offering multiple levels of play as well as portability when empty. Each bin has its own easy-to-lift handle that makes cleaning up after playtime fun. The item is expertly crafted out of non-toxic materials that are both safe and durable. The Box with 3 Bins provides an educational experience that encourages entertainment and learning in equal parts!



The Libo Box with 3 Bins is an innovative Montessori material designed to promote learning among infants and toddlers. Made from child-safe materials, this box features high quality design and fine finish, making it a perfect addition to any Montessori teaching aid. Its spacious multiple bins provide sufficient room for teaching activities such as sorting shapes, colors and sizes while learning hand-eye coordination. Its flat surface makes it perfect for both tabletop and floor use. Kids will love the fun designs that make the box look attractive while parents can be sure of its durability over time. The Libo box not just promotes learning but also helps in developing dexterity as children practice lifting and carrying the trays of different sizes, thus helping them gain strength in their hands and fingers.


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