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Imbucare Box With 4 Different Prisms

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The Imbucare Box With 4 Different Prisms by Libo is an infant and toddler Montessori material designed to help young children understand spatial relationships in a hands-on, visual way. The box includes four different prisms made of solid wood and bright colors to draw attention. Each prism fits precisely into the box, allowing little ones to observe the distinctive shape, size and sides of each. The colorful prisms also encourage toddlers to match similar shapes together while sharpening their hand-eye coordination and sensory skills. This educational toy is sure to provide hours of discovery for your child!



The Imbucare Box With 4 Different Prisms by Libo is an ideal Montessori teaching aid that enhances educational experiences for infants and toddlers. This product is made with high quality, child safe materials and a fine finish, perfect for helping little ones to learn and grow.

The Set includes four unique prisms of different shapes and sizes. Each prism has been carefully crafted to encourage development in skills such as hand-eye coordination, colour recognition, fine motor skills, problem solving ability and more. Also included in the Set is a wooden box which makes organization neat and easy when it comes time to store away the prisms at the end of each day. The Imbucare Box With 4 Different Prisms by Libo is perfect for introducing your child to the wonders of Montessori education!


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