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Imbucare Box With Rectangular Prism

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The Libo Imbucare Box with Rectangular Prism is perfect for introducing spatial geometry to infants and toddlers. Crafted from quality materials, this set contains a wooden base box and ten rectangular prisms in various sizes. The brightly colored shapes can be stacked and arranged on the base box, teaching children the fundamentals of forming three dimensional objects. With its simplistic design, this Montessori tool is sure to stimulate creativity in any child while promoting cognitive development.



The Imbucare Box With Rectangular Prism from Libo is an excellent Montessori teaching aid for infants and toddlers. It is crafted from child safe materials, ensuring durability and reliability with every use. The rectangular prism shape allows kids to explore not just the inside but also the outside of the box, encouraging them to engage in tactile learning and understanding. The finish is smooth and finely crafted, perfect for tiny hands, making it a great choice for young learners.

With high-quality materials providing utmost safety, parents can rest assured that their kids are getting the best out of their Montessori experience. In addition, the Imbucare Box With Rectangular Prism is designed to spark curiosity in children while giving them a practical way to develop their spatial thinking skills by arranging the blocks in various ways. Not only will this help them be better problem solvers but also allow them to discover how different shapes fit together, creating a fun and interactive learning experience!


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