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Paper Box 14cm 14cm

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The Libo Paper Box 14cm 14cm is a fun and effective way to learn language skills. This paper box provides an interactive and engaging way to practice reading, writing, spelling, and other language concepts. The material allows children to visualize and explore the world of words with its vibrant colors that capture the eye of every learner. It includes multiple compartments for easy storage of word cards or worksheets. Plus, its Montessori design allows for self-directed learning activities that foster independence in young learners. Enjoy the comfort of educating your child with the Libo Paper Box 14cm 14cm!



The Libo Paper Box 14cm 14cm is the perfect addition to any language classroom. This Montessori teaching aid was designed with child safety and quality in mind, made from high quality materials with a fine finish. With its bright and cheerful design, this paper box also makes learning fun!

This box helps children to learn new words or phrases in a fun and engaging way. It comes with 9 removable storage compartments so that students can easily organize their papers according to their level of difficulty or subject matter. This allows them to practice their language skills at their own pace while keeping track of progress. Easy to use and durable, this product is sure to be an invaluable tool in any classroom setting!


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