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Sandpaper Sinhala Letters

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Introducing Libo’s Sandpaper Sinhala Letters: an engaging language-building Montessori materials set designed to help children learn the Sinhala alphabet. Crafted from premium materials, each letter is constructed with a durable sandpaper-textured surface for tactile learning, allowing children to trace and write the letters in their language as they practice. This set comes with 26 individual pieces – one for each of the letters in Sinhala – making it a fun and visual way for children to learn and build literacy skills.

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Libo’s Sandpaper Sinhala Letters are an excellent Montessori learning aid for young children to learn the Sinhala alphabet. They are crafted from high quality materials and have a fine finish, making them safe enough for your kids. Each letter comes in sandpaper form and is brightly colored to help catch the attention of curious minds. The letters can also be stuck on the wall or any other flat surface with adhesive that comes with it, ensuring that they remain secure and safe even with rough play by certain toddlers.

These Sandpaper Sinhala Letters from Libo guarantee you great value for money as they are designed to last long due to their durable construction. Moreover, they are made using non-toxic paints which is environment friendly and child-safe. Libo has also created these letters in a manner that enables your child to recognize each letter easily through shape recognition, providing them with a great learning tool during their developmental years.


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