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Sandpaper Double Letters

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Libo Sandpaper Double Letters is a Montessori language material that helps children learn their alphabet. It features double sets of sandpaper letters, with both upper and lower case letters, to give children the tactile experience of forming and tracing words. The letters have a velour-like texture for increased tactile learners, allowing children to explore their alphabet in an interactive way. The set is perfect for introducing the alphabet as it provides visual, auditory and tactile learning cues for improved retention.

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The Libo Sandpaper Double Letters are a great choice for language-teaching and Montessori materials. These high-quality educational materials are crafted from child-safe materials for safe use every time. The sandpaper finish of the letters helps children to identify them better and quietly refine their motor skills at the same time.

The Libo Sandpaper Double Letters feature a quality construction, which is sure to satisfy any user’s needs. The fine finish makes it easy to differentiate the various letters’ shapes and even imprints in their minds. With both lowercase and capital letter options, these sandpaper double letters can be used as part of Montessori teaching aids or general alphabet learning activities with ease – making them an indispensable learning tool for educators everywhere!


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