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SMA Black Letters

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The SMA Black Letters from Libo are a great Montessori material for introducing language. This product is designed to provide students with an easy and fun way to learn and identify alphabet letters. It consists of 92 black colored pieces which have the capital letters A through Z in upper case, 24 consonants, 16 numerals and 32 punctuation marks. With this set, children can explore their language understanding in a visual way that encourages self-motivation and independent exploration. The conveniently sized pieces make them easy to handle and store, making it the perfect addition to any home or classroom learning space.



The SMA Black Letters from Libo is an essential language teaching aid. Crafted from high-quality, child-safe materials, these light and durable letters offer a fine finish that is perfect for Montessori education. These letters are specially designed to encourage early literacy in children while also increasing their enthusiasm for learning new words and language structures. With its bright black font, these attractive and fun letters provide a great teaching tool as they can be used to build words or display whole sentences for younger kids to read. Easy to use and clean, each letter comes with a self-adhesive backing making them ideal for desks or walls, whilst the sturdy construction means they will last longer than traditional paper cards or cutouts. Whether you’re looking for an educational tool to teach your child at home or you want top quality Montessori material, this SMA Black Letters set offers the perfect solution!


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