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Metal Insets With Tray

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Libo Metal Insets With Tray is a language Montessori material that encourages skill development in young children. This set includes an array of colorful shapes made from sturdy metal and comes with a tray for easy storage. The insets are designed to help children learn critical language concepts such as letter and number recognition, counting, classification, and more through visual-spatial patterning exercises. It’s an ideal way to help teach language fundamentals in a fun and engaging way.



Metal Insets With Tray by Libo is an ideal language teaching aid for Montessori educators. This set of metal insets with tray comes with a total of 18 pieces and is made from high-quality, child safe materials that are designed to last for years. The pieces come in various shapes and sizes, making them great for introducing kids to different shapes and sizes in an interactive way. The metal insets have a lightweight design, ensuring easy portability whenever needed. They feature a fine finish that’s smooth on little hands while also being extremely durable.

This Metal Insets With Tray set is perfect for encouraging creative play that’s fun while also helping teach your little one essential language skills like color recognition, letter sounds, and more. It’s the perfect combination of education and fun! Educators can use this set as part of their Montessori teaching aids to give students an immersive learning experience. They will never get bored with all the possibilities these 18 pieces open up!


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