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Each Coloured Pencil Holders

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The Libo Each Coloured Pencil Holders are perfect for Montessori language lessons, helping to promote organization and learning. The craftsmanship is beautifully unique, featuring vibrant and colorful wooden holders with durable materials that can store up to 12 pencils in each. Students will appreciate their stunning look and you will appreciate their reliability. They make the perfect Montessori language aid, allowing students to stay focused and organized while they explore the wonderful world of words!



This Each Coloured Pencil Holders from Libo is a great language teaching aid for Montessori materials. It is made of child-safe meterials and features a high-quality finish. The wooden frame comes with 12 pencil holders, each one in its own bright and vivid colour, making it perfect for helping children identify their colours while they learn how to read and write.

Libo’s Each Coloured Pencil Holders also provides a great sense of order by letting children organize and store their writing utensils in the same spot. With its fine finish, this holder can easily be incorporated into any Montessori setup as an effective teaching aid, encouraging creativity and improving hand-eye coordination among kids.


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