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Grammar Boxes

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Libo’s Grammar Boxes are designed to teach language skills through Montessori materials. Each box contains a variety of objects and activities for children to explore grammar elements in an engaging and interactive way. Children will be able to identify parts of speech by manipulating objects, reviewing sentences, or playing games. They can also practice their writing skills by creating stories with the included materials. Libo’s Grammar Boxes encourages learning while having fun and is ideal for home or classroom use!



Libo’s Grammar Boxes are the perfect Montessori teaching aids for helping children learn language and grammar. This set contains eleven boxes made of high quality, child-safe materials that have a fine finish. The content of each box is carefully designed to help teach children parts of speech and common grammatical concepts step by step. The set includes cards showing different colours, shapes, sizes and images to help children match the parallel words in a sentence for an easy English learning experience. It also comes with picture boards to enhance the understanding process and make it even more fun for kids to learn new language concepts. With Libo’s Grammar Boxes, kids will get better at recognizing sentence patterns and learning English in no time!


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