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Holder For 3 Pencils



The Libo Holder For 3 Pencils is perfect for any language classroom. It’s a must-have for Montessori materials and provides an optimal solution for keeping pencils neat. The holder is made from durable and strong materials that can easily withstand everyday use. Its three compartments allow for easy separation of different colored pencils or writing tools and can be used to promote organization and efficiency in the classroom.



The Libo Holder For 3 Pencils is an essential part of any Montessori classroom. This holder is made of high quality child safe materials, finely finished to create a smooth and inviting surface to ensure your students have an enjoyable writing experience. The holder’s design allows for three pencils to be placed simultaneously, making it easy for teachers to organize the classroom and ensure that every student has access to the supplies they need.

This holder is designed with educators in mind, as it can easily become a part of any Montessori Teaching Aids set. The fine finish ensures that this product will last for many years and requires minimal maintenance due to its superior durability. This product will not only help you organize your classroom but also provide a proven teaching aid that helps foster creativity and collaboration among students while they learn new language skills.


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