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Plaiting Board

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This Plaiting Board from Libo is a great Montessori resource for infants and toddlers. It provides an excellent opportunity for children to learn the basics of plaiting and gives them a fun, hands-on way to develop their fine motor skills. The board features colorful pieces that can be used to create different patterns of plait, and it also comes with a range of visual instructions so children can create their own designs if they wish. The ergonomic design ensures comfort while using, while the close supervision of adults is recommended given the sharp edges on the board. Children will have hours of fun exploring and creating with this Plaiting Board!



Introducing Libo’s Plaiting Board, part of an extensive range of Montessori materials for infants and toddlers. This board is crafted with child-safe materials such as solid wood and plastic, so it is not only safe but also high-quality and durable. With its fine finish, the Plaiting Board is a practical Montessori teaching aid that encourages children to develop their fine motor skills through exploring patterns and plaiting. This board enhances children’s cognitive abilities such as problem solving and creative thinking while they explore the natural textures of wood grain.

Furthermore, this board offers an aesthetic appeal to any classroom setting with its modern design that reflects the Montessori principles in a contemporary manner. The vibrant colors are sure to captivate little minds during play time, making it an ideal learning tool for introducing basic concepts such as counting and pattern recognition. The Libo Plaiting Board will be the perfect addition to your classoom or nursery!


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