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The Treasure Chest

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The Libo Treasure Chest is an essential resource for any Montessori classroom. This product offers a great selection of Montessori materials designed specifically for infants and toddlers. It includes a variety of hands-on activities, such as sorting and matching, that are perfect for developing cognitive skills, fine motor skills, and problem solving ability. With its brightly colored materials and tactile elements, it encourages exploration and discovery in a fun way. This safe boxed tray helps to contain messes while providing stimulating play opportunities that help children learn about their world through movement and manipulation of objects.



The Treasure Chest Montessori Materials from Libo are the perfect materials to help your infant or toddler learn and explore. These high quality, child safe materials are crafted with fine finishes to make them both visually stimulating and safe for play. The Treasure Chest includes a variety of Montessori teaching aids that help children learn concepts around geography, language, math, foreign language, practical life skills and more. It also contains sensory items like wooden bowls and cups, fabric squares for tactile exploration, magnetic latches for fine motor skills as well as memory cards and matching puzzles to stimulate cognitive development.

With its versatile materials and activities designed to foster essential motor skills from an early age, the Treasure Chest is sure to become your little one’s favorite learning companion. With the added bonus of being both durable and lightweight at the same time this set is perfect for travel or keeping it at home on your kids shelf! Get your infant or toddler started on a journey of creative self-expression with this wonderful set from Libo!


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