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Toddler Bed



Libo Toddler Bed is a furniture item designed to provide comfort and safety to young children. It is made from high-quality Montessori materials and features a low profile, adjustable sides, and built-in storage. The bed provides the perfect transition from a crib to a full-size bed, allowing toddlers to sleep comfortably while still feeling safe and secure in their own environment. Constructed from durable wood, it will last for many years of use. With its modern design and ergonomic features, Libo’s Toddler Bed will help your little one transition into the world of independent sleep with ease!



Introducing Libo’s Toddler Bed, a Montessori-inspired children’s bed from the trusted Libo name. This beautiful piece of furniture is crafted from high quality, child safe materials to ensure your tot can sleep soundly and in style. Our toddler bed boasts a fine finish that is sure to look great in any nursery or bedroom décor.

Designed with Montessori materials in mind, our toddler bed offers a low platform that helps foster independent sleeping habits as toddlers transition out of the crib. Built with safety features like guardrails, secure mattress positioning and easy access for early risers, it’s the perfect choice for parents looking to keep their child safe while they rest. Additionally, its lightweight construction makes it easy to move around and can easily carry up to 50 pounds. With Libo’s Toddler Bed, you can be sure your little one will get plenty of restful nights sleep every night.


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