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3D Grammar Solids

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Libo’s 3D Grammar Solids are the perfect language learning tool in a Montessori setting! This set of nine solid wooden shapes is designed to help teachers and students explore the English grammar system. The blocks come with different colors, shapes, and sizes for each part of speech, including nouns, verbs, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives and more. Each block comes with an easy-to-read label to correctly identify the meanings of each part of speech. With these blocks you can easily provide an engaging hands-on learning experience for your students!



The 3D Grammar Solids from Libo is the perfect language teaching aid for teachers, parents and caregivers. This Montessori Materials product is designed to help children improve their grammar and syntax skills in a fun and interactive way. The 3D Grammar Solids are designed with child-safe materials and comes with a high quality and fine finish that makes it perfect for any learning environment. It includes seven different shapes, including cube, cone, cylinder, sphere, prism, pyramid and hedgehog – made of solid colored wood for the ultimate clarity in distinction. The set also features several sentence strips for your children to construct sentences with their 3D objects. Kids will learn how nouns are related to verbs as well as how adjectives can add more detail in constructing sentences. With such carefully crafted materials that feature precise edges and smooth surfaces that fit perfectly into little hands; children have an enjoyable time manipulating each shape while enhancing their grammar knowledge with every playtime!


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