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Control Chart For 100 Boards

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Introducing the Control Chart For 100 Boards by Libo, the perfect mathematical aid for any Montessori materials set! This handy item allows your children to quickly and effectively measure their progress in a variety of math concepts. The boards come with 100 spaces which can be filled in as your child completes the math task they have been challenged with. With it being so easy to complete and see progress, this is a great addition to any classroom or home studying environment!



This Control Chart for 100 Boards, from Libo, is perfect for boosting your child’s math proficiency in a Montessori classroom setting. It is made from high quality materials that have been carefully crafted with a fine finish, and is completely child-safe. This control chart is an essential Montessori teaching aid to help teach children how to count and understand numbers up to 100.

The clear colored columns of this chart are easy to read and will provide an incredible amount of learning of basic counting skills in the classroom. The set includes 1 double-sided wooden board on which the individual panels are attached via strings through holes drilled on its edges. With this product, your child can be sure to learn while having fun!


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