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Control Chart For Square of Decanomial

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The Libo Control Chart For Square of Decanomial is an innovative mathematical Montessori material for elementary school students. It’s designed to help kids develop a deeper understanding of the square of decanomials by allowing them to track their progress in fun and interactive way. The chart features multiple levels, so that children can gradually improve their skills at this important arithmetic concept as they progress through each level. With a simple design and color-coding system, the chart can easily be used by teachers or parents as part of math lesson plans or supplemental activities. Studying mathematics becomes more enjoyable through the use of this engaging Montessori tool!



The Control Chart for Square of Decanomial from Libo is the perfect Montessori teaching aid for children of all ages. This mathematical material is made with high quality, child safe materials and finished to a fine degree for maximum comfort in use. It will help children learn about counting, sequencing, and basic math concepts such as addition, subtraction and even multiplication in an engaging visual way.

This control chart features a series of 10 squared images with threaded bars at the top and bottom that can be used to count each row or column of squares. Each bar is further divided into ten segments to form a decimal pattern that provides excellent visual recognition and counting skills. The vibrant images help keep kids engaged while they playfully explore mathematics.


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