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Demonstration Tray

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The Demonstration Tray from Libo is the perfect addition to any Montessori Sensorial materials library. This tray features a handcrafted wooden frame surrounded by two pieces of clear Plexiglas – giving an unobstructed view from all sides, allowing you to easily demonstrate activities and concepts to students with ease. The flat surface also ensures that materials don’t slide off during use. It’s the perfect tool for introducing children to the world of sensory play in a safe and engaging way.



The Demonstration Tray from Libo is a Sensorial Montessori Material that is designed to help children engage in tactile learning. This sensory tray is made from high-quality, child-safe materials and its fine finish make it perfect for young learners. It can provide a great way for them to practice the basics of measurement, focusing on concepts of size, such as bigger, smaller or equal. This tool can also be used as part of the Montessori teaching aids to help demonstrate common everyday activities such as pouring and sorting.

The Demonstration Tray from Libo has a non slip surface which can help keep objects in place while children are working and also prevents them from slipping off during use. Easy-to-clean rounded edges on the tray ensure that it remains safe and hygienic even during constant use. The sturdy design and construction mean that this product will last through many years of use with ease and minimal maintenance needed along the way.


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