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Card for Demonstration Tray

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The Libo Card for Demonstration Tray is a must-have Montessori material for any sensorial learning environment. It features an attractive card with vibrant colors and intricate detailing to aid in the visualization of concepts. The card is specifically designed for use in demonstration trays, providing a visual reference as you guide children through their lessons. Its sturdy construction ensures that it can be used over and over again with no fading or wear and tear. With this Montessori material, you can be assured of introducing abstract ideas in a way that will help children discover and learn by themselves.



The Libo Card for Demonstration Tray is an ideal sensorial montessori material to use in the classroom setting. This card set creates a unique and tactile experience for children to explore, helping them develop their sensory skills. The cards are made of child-safe premium meterials, so they’re durable and safe while being lightweight and easy to handle by small hands. The fine finish gives them a sleek surface, making it easier for children to pick up individual cards and learn how each one feels. Also, the extra wide design makes it much easier for kids to see the cards properly – especially helpful when sorting out different shapes or sizes!

What sets this card set apart from other Montessori teaching aids is its versatility: this set can be used in any way you want – from color recognition activities to sequencing games – making it easily customizable depending on your needs. Its long-lasting construction ensures that this card set will remain stable even after multiple play sessions, giving educators a reliable source of educational enrichment in the classroom!


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