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Mystery bags stand



Mystery bags stand by Libo is a great addition to your child’s Montessori sensorial learning materials. This fun and interactive mystery bag stand is perfect for teaching children about size, shape, texture and color recognition. Each mystery bag contains a unique object for children to explore and discover. They will have hours of sensory learning fun as they open each bag to uncover the surprises inside! With sturdy construction, this stand will last for years of enjoyable use!



The Mystery Bags Stand by Libo is an ideal Sensorial Montessori Material to have in the classroom or home. Available in a variety of wooden finishes, these stands are made with child-safe materials and a high quality construction allowing them to last for years. The stand comes with 12 mystery bags, each containing different items that help children build their power of observation and deduction.

The stand has simple yet stylish design which looks fantastic in any environment while providing an exceptional learning tool. It can easily be moved wherever it needs to be and the unique design includes slots for each bag so they can be stored neatly when not being used. This product is great for Montessori teachers looking for teaching aids that help young learners practice their observations skills without losing interest over time.


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