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Double bead stair tray

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The Libo Double Bead Stair Tray is a great way to introduce mathematical concepts to your Montessori classroom. This sturdy tray includes two sets of beads in different colors featuring two and three steps of various sizes, allowing children to practice counting and sequencing. The beads are also perfect for helping children learn how to compare sizes, shapes, relationships, and patterns. The colorful design encourages children’s visual-spatial skills as they arrange the beads on the stair tray. Plus, the double bead stair tray can be used in combination with other Montessori materials for an even deeper learning experience.



The Double Bead Stair Tray by Libo is designed to help in the teaching of mathematical concepts while being made with child-friendly materials. Perfect for Montessori teaching and learning, this double stair tray is crafted from high quality, durable wood and crafted into an attractive piece. With fine finishes that are non-toxic, the double bead stair tray can be used in a variety of settings such as classrooms, daycares and homes.

The Double Bead Stair Tray by Libo helps young children understand quantities with its break apart beads that can be arranged in different shapes. This product also includes 5 staircase pieces which demonstrate the concept of addition and subtraction which are essential to learning mathematics. As well as providing cute visual aid for any age group, this product also helps develop hand-eye coordination skills allowing children to better interact with others and their environment.


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