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Bead stair tray

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The Libo Bead Stair Tray is an educational Montessori-style mathematical material used to teach mathematics and fine motor skills. The set includes 25 beads in two different sizes, five rods, and a wooden tray with 25 holes in the shape of a staircase. Children are able to arrange the beads in patterns on the stair shaped tray while learning numerical order and quantity recognition. This set fosters concentration, physical coordination, creativity, and logical thinking. The Bead Stair Tray is also perfect for counting games, matching activities, color sorting exercises as well as providing tactile stimulation through its various pieces.



The Libo Bead Stair Tray is an excellent Mathematical Montessori Material designed to help children learn through fun, interactive activities. It is constructed with child-safe materials of the highest quality and a fine finish that keeps it looking great for long-term use. This product is ideal for introducing children to counting, sorting and basic mathematical principles. It also helps develop fine motor skills as the beads can be moved up and down the stairs and transferred from one side to another. The tray features various size wooden stairs and twelve colour-coded beads of varying size, ensuring that each activity offers a new challenge.

The Libo Bead Stair Tray is an essential part of any Montessori teaching aids package, and was created specifically to give young learners a stimulating way to build their math skills while having fun. Its lightweight design allows it to be easily moved around the classroom or home playroom without taking up too much space, making it ideal for individual or group settings. With this product in your hands, you can rest assured that your child’s learning journey towards logical thinking has made huge strides forward!


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