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Teen bead stair tray

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The Teen Bead Stair Tray from Libo is a perfect Montessori material for young mathematics learners. This tray features colorful, beads of different sizes and shapes for kids to manipulate and learn number recognition, counting, addition, subtraction and more. It comes with five removable stairs that allow children to practice various mathematical operations such as sorting and matching. With its vibrant colors and durable construction, this tray is sure to be a wonderful addition to any Montessori classroom.



The Teen bead stair tray is the perfect Mathematical Montessori Materials for your children to develop their learning skills. This amazing product from Libo is made with high quality and child safe materials to ensure the safety of your children, while they learn. The fine finish and superior craftsmanship of this product will make sure that it lasts long and provides a great learning experience for your young kids.

This Montessori Teaching Aids helps children learn numbers, counting and addition while they play. With this bead-stair tray, kids can practice their math skills in a fun way; it allows them to stack up colorful beads according to their mathematical computations, so that kids can be engaged in the learning process. With its vibrant color combinations and glossy surface, this bead-stair tray is surely going to lighten up any living space along with providing valuable skill development experience for kids.


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