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Grammar Command Boxes

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The Grammar Command Boxes from Libo are an excellent way for your child to learn language. These boxes are based on the Montessori method and help with grammar, writing, sequencing and comprehension skills. The set comes with five colorful boxes containing various activities such as matching and sorting cards, fill in the blank stories, punctuation miniatures and more. Each box also contains a written exercise to further develop knowledge. With this tool children will be able to learn grammar in an enjoyable and hands-on way while building a strong understanding of how language works!



The Grammar Command Boxes from Libo are high-quality Montessori Teaching Aid materials specifically designed for helping children learn grammar rules in a fun and educational way. Made with child safe and durable materials, these boxes are built to last, with a fine finish that will stay in great condition even when used by multiple children.

Using the Grammar Command Boxes, kids can practice verb and nouns usage as well as other grammar rules such as punctuation, sentence structure and more. Each box comes with four cards which include color-coded labels to help kids understand each rule and four corresponding game pieces they can use to create sentences on the board provided. The small size of the cards makes them easy for kids to carry around or use in smaller spaces. The boxes are perfect for both home and classroom learning activities, giving children a fun way to learn about grammar principles without feeling overwhelmed by long lessons or textbooks.


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