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Wooden Capitals English Letters

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Libo’s Wooden Capitals English Letters are perfect for building your little one’s language skills. This Montessori-approved learning tool is crafted with high quality wood and allows kids to have fun while developing their communication and letter recognition abilities. Its classic wooden design helps to bring out a natural learning environment, promoting hands-on exploration while they form words and phrases. This playful set is the perfect addition to any classroom or home!



These Wooden Capitals English Letters are brand-name, high-quality Montessori Teaching Aids designed to help teach children the English language. These Language Teaching Aids are made with child-safe materials, giving parents peace of mind that these products have been thoroughly tested and proven to be safe for use with children. The wooden letters all have a fine finish, providing a smooth and pleasant texture for children to hold in their hands as they learn about the alphabet.

Montessori teaching methods focus on assisting children in learning concepts through tactile experiences. With this in mind, these Wooden Capitals English Letters from Libo provide an excellent way for young learners to get hands-on practice with the English alphabet. These teaching aids will help kids build familiarity and engagement with phonics as they practice forming words and identifying letters.


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