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Wooden Simple English Letters

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Libo’s Wooden Simple English Letters is an ideal Montessori language material for young learners. This product is designed for children aged 3 and up, helping them develop their phonics and spelling skills as they learn to read and write. The set includes all 26 uppercase letters of the alphabet constructed from sturdy wooden blocks. Each letter is brightly colored with vibrant patterns, providing visual stimulation and encouraging cognitive development in a fun way. With this set, children can explore their creative side while they pick up new words and improve their literacy skills.



This Wooden Simple English Letters by Libo is the perfect educational tool for your children’s language development. It is a set of 26 wooden blocks, each with an uppercase letter of the alphabet painted on each side, making it ideal for learning recognition and spelling. The blocks are made with high quality materials that are child-safe and feature a fine finish to ensure its durability over time.

The Montessori Teaching Aids system provides an effective learning approach tailored specifically to children’s needs. This set is designed to help your children connect letters, words and sounds in a hands-on way that maximizes engagement and fun while supporting their natural development. It also allows them to practice their motor skills as they use their hands to create different words or pictures with the blocks. This makes it the perfect teaching aid for early childhood education programs!


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