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Wooden Capitals English Letters With Box

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Libo Wooden Capitals English Letters With Box is the perfect Montessori material for teaching language to children. This set includes 26 colorful, painted wooden letters in upper case, complete with a handy storage box for easy access. The letters are designed to be durable and smooth for young hands, providing a fun and safe way for kids to practice letter recognition and improve their language skills. The complete set of wooden capitals provides an engaging way of introducing the English alphabet and helps children learn the names of each letter with ease.



The Wooden Capitals English Letters With Box, by Libo, are language teaching aids specifically designed to enhance the Montessori learning experience. These letters are crafted from high quality, child safe materials and finished to a fine finish so they won’t fray or wear easily. The box is designed with handy compartments to easily store and organize each set of uppercase letters for quick access during lessons or activities.

The Wooden Capitals English Letters With Box provide an invaluable resource for educators and parents for teaching the basics of reading, writing and spelling. In addition to being used as Montessori Teaching Aids, these letters can also be used for crafts projects such as spelling out words on posters or walls with child friendly adhesive tapes. Their robust construction ensures years of consistent use making them an ideal investment in a child’s education journey.


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