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Grey and white number tiles

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Libo’s Grey and White Number Tiles are a great way to help teach Mathematical concepts to children. These tiles are made with high-quality materials ensuring durability, and have large block numbers that make them easy for young learners to recognize. Use these tiles in a Montessori classroom to teach counting, addition and subtraction, as well as problem solving skills. The colourful pieces make learning fun, helping to promote early math development in children of all ages.



This set of Grey and white number tiles by Libo is a great way to help start your child’s mathematical studies. The Montessori materials are made with high-quality, child safe materials. With fine finishes, each tile has a glossy finish that makes these number tiles perfect for tactile and visual learning.

The number tiles are just the thing for introducing children to counting, writing numerals, comparing numbers and performing simple arithmetic operations like addition and subtraction. With grey and white color coding, these number tiles can also be used to represent even and odd numbers so teachers can easily identify them at a glance. This set is perfect for Montessori teaching aids in any classroom setting or at home.


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