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Large Fraction Skittles

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The Libo Large Fraction Skittles is an educational mathematical toy from the Montessori program that reinforces and encourages learning. Its brightly colored skittles will help kids learn to recognize and match fractions in a fun way. This set includes 24 skittles in different sizes and colors, allowing children to explore fractions, area, exploring shape stability and more. With its educational design, bright colors, and hands-on activities, this product will bring learning to life for all ages.



The Large Fraction Skittles from Libo are perfect for teaching children math and fractions in the Montessori classroom. This set includes 16 skittle pieces crafted from high-quality, safe materials that have been finished with a smooth, fine finish. All components are designed to fit within the standards of Montessori education with an emphasis on helping children understand mathematical concepts like numeracy and fractions.

The tactile shape of the skittles has also been designed to help build an intuitive understanding of fractions by having each component represent a fraction in its entirety. The pieces can fit together to form one full circle and break apart into smaller or larger parts according to specific fractional parts. Each set also includes a guidebook which outlines activities and ideas for using the skittles in both individual or group settings – perfect for encouraging learning through play!


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