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Introduction to Decimal Quantity

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Introducing the Libo Introduction to Decimal Quantity–a mathematical tool for understanding numeric operations. This Montessori-approved material includes 10 colorful rods of varying lengths that represent each digit from 0 to 9, and can be used to help teach addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and fractional concepts. With its hands-on approach, the Introduction to Decimal Quantity helps young children understand complex math theories quickly and easily.



Introduction to Decimal Quantity by Libo is a high quality mathematical Montessori material designed to help children learn the basics of decimal quantity. This material is made of child-safe materials and has a fine finish. It consists of two activity cards, two hundred and fourteen small cards, ten number rods, one hundred place value markers and one hundred color-coded counters. With this educational aid, children can learn to identify fractions, compare decimal values and understand decimal place value relationships in a fun way.

libO’s Introduction to Decimal Quantity is perfect for introducing young children to the concepts of fractional numbers and place values in an interesting way. The colorful materials are sure to engage children in real learning experiences as they practice their skills with Montessori teaching aids. This resource can be used for both individual work as well as group activities allowing multiple children working together towards achieving educational success!


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