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Power of 2 cube

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The Libo Power of 2 Cube is a valuable Montessori educational material for understanding and mastering mathematical concepts. Made from durable wood, the cube consists of 8 blocks within a cube-shaped frame. The blocks are split into pairs, each showing part of a mathematical equation on their surfaces. By manipulating the blocks, children can explore different equations and visualise the power of two to gain an intuitive understanding of mathematics. The colorful design also encourages children to have fun while learning through play.



The Power of 2 Cube by Libo is a great Montessori teaching aid for introducing young learners to the concept of powers. This set contains 16 coloured cubes in graduated sizes, allowing your child to easily visualize the idea of doubling and explore advanced mathematical problems. The cubes are made from high quality materials, with a fine finish for added durability and safety. The six different colours clearly differentiate between the sizes, enabling visual grasping of the concept.

The Power of 2 Cube from Libo encourages hands on learning through play, helping your child develop problem solving skills that can be applied to any number of tasks. Furthermore, this game allows children to work independently and practice counting tasks at their own speed. With its safe materials and high level of finesse, you can rest assured that your little one is playing with top quality materials as they learn through fun activities!


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