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Square of Decanomial Tray

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Libo’s Square of Decanomial Tray is an ideal mathematical Montessori material for introducing and practicing the concept of square of decanomial numbers. This product comes with 10 red wooden squares, each square individually numbered from 1 to 10. Students are challenged to take each of the 10 numbered squares and combine them into a larger square that adds up to 225. This Montessori material offers hands-on learning, as students practice counting, addition, multiplication, fractions and more in order to solve this mathematical puzzle. Perfect for challenging your student’s problem solving skills and expanding their mathematics understanding.



The Libo Square of Decanomial Tray is an essential material for Montessori teaching. This tray is a versatile tool for introducing mathematical operations and developing problem-solving skills. It is one of the most popular Montessori materials among teachers.

The Libo Square of Decanomial Tray is made with child-safe materials and designed to provide high quality playtime experience. It has a fine finish that helps to enhance the teaching experience, making it a great aid for learning mathematics and developing problem solving skills in children aged 3-5 years old. The tray also comes with 4 colored trays to keep math materials organized, as well as accessories like dividers, rubber circles and decimals bars – all designed to help kids explore mathematics while they play.


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