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Toddlers Dressing Frame Stand for 6 Frames

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The Libo Toddlers Dressing Frame Stand for 6 Frames is perfect for introducing toddlers to the principles of Montessori materials. This stand is designed to accommodate up to six frames and requires minimal assembly. It features a sturdy construction, stable base, and smooth edges, making it an ideal learning tool for toddlers. The bright colors provide visual stimulation and the lightweight design makes it easy to move around the classroom or playroom. With its wide range of activities, this stand helps develop fine motor skills, coordination and self-expression in toddlers.



The Libo Toddlers Dressing Frame Stand for 6 Frames is an ideal educational Montessori teaching aid for the early development of toddlers. This frame stand is made of child-safe materials so parents can trust it to be a safe, comfortable and educational toy for their children. The Libo frame stand has a high quality, fine finish – providing an attractive interior décor item that won’t clash in any room. With 6 frames included, this product allows parents to help children practice spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination as they learn how to dress themselves through trial and error. This helps them develop cognitive abilities and build stronger self-esteem as they have fun with the activity. The Libo Dressing Frame Stand offers a stimulating Montessori environment that will keep your small ones engaged while cultivating essential life skills.


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