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Knobless cylinders

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Libo Knobless Cylinders are the perfect Montessori material for infants and toddlers. With its classic design, these cylinders represent one of the essential elements of the Montessori method. The knobless design allows your child to develop fine motor skills by manipulating and organizing each cylinder in size order, as well as embedded pattern recognition skills by recognizing different colors and shapes. When combined with other Montessori materials, your little one can explore further possibilities while having fun and learning at the same time.



Libo Knobless Cylinders are specifically designed and crafted as Montessori teaching aids to help infants and toddlers develop their cognitive, fine motor, and visual skills. These cylinders come in a set of 6 pieces of varying shapes and sizes, made out of high quality, child safe materials that have a smooth finish for the ultimate learning experience.

The set of Libo Knobless Cylinders is design to help hone your little one’s fine motor skills by allowing them to stack the cylinders in order to create patterns or designs. With its easy-to-grasp design and bright colors, toddlers will enjoy learning how each different size fits inside each other while appreciating its rounded surface that makes it safe for little hands. This product also promotes problem solving skills as young children try to figure out how the objects can fit together.


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