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Wooden Squares

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The Wooden Squares by Libo are a set of mathematical Montessori materials made of high-quality wood. This product helps kids develop math skills as they build, stack, and match the colored wooden blocks. The wooden squares come with colorful pieces that represent different numbers for easy visual recognition and counting accuracy. They help kids learn about shapes, space concept, fractions, patterns, number operations and more – making maths learning fun and interactive. Perfect for both home use or classrooms!



Libo’s Wooden Squares are some of the highest quality Mathematical Montessori Materials available on the market today. These wooden squares are made from Child Safe materials, and are finely sanded for a smooth finish. The sizes of each square ranges from 2 cm x 2 cm to 10 cm x 10 cm and come in a variety of gorgeous shades like natural wood, pink and blue.

The Wooden Squares can be used to teach children the concept of Area & Perimeter, patterns, measurement and more. It’s no wonder that these educational Mathematical Montessori Materials by Libo are popular among teachers and parents alike! The high-quality finish ensures durability as well as a beautiful aesthetic perfect for any classroom setting. This set is essential Learning Aid tool when it comes to introducing young minds to Mathematics concepts such as shapes, lengths and angles!


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