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Wooden Triangles

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The Wooden Triangles from Libo are the perfect tool for introducing mathematical concepts in the Montessori classroom. This set of five wooden triangles features four double-armed and one three-armed triangle, all crafted from a smooth, untreated wood that’s gentle on small hands. This versatile set helps children learn about shapes, measurements, angles and slope – plus it can be used in fun group activities as well! With its classic design and robust construction, this quality set will be a favorite in any math lesson.



Libo Wooden Triangles are the perfect set of mathematical Montessori Materials to teach children a variety of topics. These wooden triangles can be used to learn concepts such as geometry, fractions and even basic counting skills in a fun and interactive way. The triangles come in various sizes, shapes and colors, enabling kids to mix, match and explore combinations of patterns. The wooden pieces are crafted with high-quality materials and fine finish that ensure their durability and strength. Furthermore, the material is safe for a child’s skin as it is free from any toxic substances or hazardous elements that may harm the health of your little one. Libo’s Wooden Triangles will not only help in enhancing the cognitive abilities but also aid in fostering creativity among growing kids. By using these Montessori teaching aids, you can easily develop your child’s analytical thinking skills by allowing them to participate in hands-on activities which helps increase math retention afterwards.


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