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5 sorting bowls

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The Libo 5 Sorting Bowls are perfect for infant and toddler learning. This set of five colorful ceramic bowls encourages early sorting, concept development, hand-eye coordination, and problem solving. The removable dividers enable children to independently practice sorting colors and shapes while developing fine motor skills. High quality materials ensure that this Montessori-inspired learning tool lasts for years of educational fun.



This set of 5 Sorting Bowls from Libo is the perfect Montessori teaching aid for any infant or toddler. These bowls are made of child-safe materials of the highest quality, providing parents and caregivers with more peace of mind. The fine finish on each bowl ensures that it will last through many years of play. Parents can be sure their little ones will be safe using these sorting bowls as they develop their cognitive skills and learn about colors, shapes, sizes and sorting through materials.

The five different colors included in this set make learning fun! Little ones will have a blast filling up the bowls with colorful objects or little toys and counting them out to sort into the respective colors. Each individual bowl has unique formations within its design, making it even more enjoyable for toddlers to explore each shape with sensory exploration and tactile play. Get your little one this 5 Sorting Bowls set today!


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