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Broad Stair (5)

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The Libo Broad Stair (5) is a Montessori material designed to help infants and toddlers develop their sense of spatial reasoning, coordination, and balance. The Broad Stair encourages the child to move through space gradually in a variety of ways, helping them practice different movements such as climbing up stairs or using their arms for support. It also works on their upper body strength as they use their hands to climb the steps. The 5 wide, shallow steps are easy and safe to navigate while providing enough challenge for developing minds.



The Broad Stair (5) from Libo is a fabulous Montessori teaching aid for infants and toddlers. Made with the highest quality and safety standards, this Broad Stair set is designed to help children develop motor skills, balance, coordination and spatial awareness. It’s made with child-safe materials that are sturdy and strong, ensuring that it will last through years of use in any classroom or playroom.

This Broad Stair features five smooth, appealing steps that are designed to be gentle on little fingers and toes. They’re sanded for a fine finish that won’t snag kids’ clothes or skin as they move between steps. Plus, the non-skid surface at the base provides secure footing so your little one can learn safely with the confidence of having a secure base to hold onto while practicing their new skills! Get this high quality Montessori teaching aid today to help your toddler grow and learn!


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