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Capitals English Letters Box

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The Libo Capitals English Letters Box is the perfect Montessori material for teaching language at home. This set includes all 26 capital letters from A-Z, as well as an accompanying wooden box to store the pieces in. The beautiful and sturdy wooden pieces are designed to captivate a child’s interest while they explore their skills with the English language. With this letters box, children can learn letter recognition, practice their phonetics and spelling, and form words and sentences. Whether you are a teacher or a parent looking to enrich your child’s learning process, the Libo Capitals English Letters Box is the perfect choice!



The Capitals English Letters Box from Libo is the perfect language teaching aid for Montessori educators and parents who want to provide their children with the best educational experience. Made from child-safe materials, this box provides a high-quality selection of letters for your little ones to learn about alphabets and words. The letters feature a fine finish that is both smooth and comfortable to touch, making it easier for young children to practice writing characters. As part of the Montessori Teaching Aids, this box also stimulates tactile learning in toddlers, helping them build essential motor skills while gaining confidence in their writing ability. With its bright colors and durable construction, this capitals English letters box is sure to provide endless hours of fun learning experience!


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