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Sand Tray

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The Libo Sand Tray is an educational Montessori language material that offers children the opportunity to engage in creative writing and storytelling. With the addition of colorful sand, this tray promotes sensory exploration and tactile learning while providing a natural medium for imaginative play. It’s designed with a removable lid which makes it easy to fill, store, and transport sand safely. Its generous size also allows for group activities like spelling words or drawing shapes with their fingertips. This versatile language material helps develop early literacy skills and offers an enjoyable way to explore written language in a unique and engaging way!



Libo’s Sand Tray is a great addition to Montessori education materials, specifically designed as a teaching aid for language development. It is made from high quality and child-safe materials, with a fine finish that ensures it won’t fade or warp over time. The lightweight construction makes it easy to transport, so it can be quickly moved between classrooms or homes. The tray itself is spacious enough to accommodate sand and other materials, giving children ample space to create stories or practice verbal skills.

The Libo sand tray encourages children to use their imagination while learning the foundations of language development. With its non-toxic surface and ample size, the tray helps develop observational skills and allows toddlers to express themselves creatively as they interact with the environment around them. As a Montessori teaching aid,the sand tray provides an interesting way for kids to explore in an engaging manner without feeling overwhelmed by too much stimulation at once.


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