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Coloured Countig Bars

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Introducing the Coloured Counting Bars from Libo, an excellent way to bring mathematics to life. This Montessori-approved product has a rainbow of color-coded bars that are designed to help children learn basic math concepts and counting skills in a fun and engaging way. The bars provide visual cues and tactile experiences, helping them make connections between numbers, onsets, and cardinality. Great for both home use or classroom settings, this set provides a hands-on approach to learning mathematics in an exciting new way.



Libo Coloured Counting Bars is the ideal educational tool for young learners. These bars bring mathematics to life, as Montessori teaching aids. Quality and fine finishes are paramount when it comes to child safe materials and Libo delivers. The Coloured Counting bars consists of a solid wooden core which is then covered in durable plastic in 8 vibrant colors. This allows children to easily distinguish between them through sight and touch. The set up of this bar allows young learner’s hands-on opportunities to learn simple math concepts such as counting, adding, subtracting, and multiplication. Its approach encourages exploration and independent problem solving; helping build confidence in mathematical problem-solving skills from an early age.


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