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Grammar Filling Boxes

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Introducing Libo’s Grammar Filling Boxes, an essential in your Montessori Language materials. This innovative product provides a hands-on, fun way of learning grammar and language building. With the help of this set, children are able to recognize the components of language and strengthen their grammar skills by filling in words with corresponding symbols and figures. The colorful boxes are filled with different objects that allow children to identify nouns, verbs and adjectives. It is the perfect interactive tool for any Montessori classroom!



The Grammar Filling Boxes from Libo are high quality Language Teaching Aids Montessori Materials. They are made from child safe materials, such as beechwood, that provides a fine finish and ensures durability. With its large capacity of grammar cards, it is an ideal resource for Montessori teaching aids. It contains 8 colored boxes with a large selection of cards covering nouns, verbs and adjectives, helping teach children the basics in language structure and grammar rules. The wooden blocks come in various shapes to aid children’s cognitive development while they play with it. With ample space given to store vocabulary and sentence cards neatly, keeping your classroom or home tidy has never been easier! This refined set of resources is sure to provide plenty of learning opportunities for your little ones while playing around and having fun at the same time!


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