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Mystery Bag – Geometric Shapes

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Mystery Bag – Geometric Shapes by Libo is a sensory Montessori material designed to develop children’s visual and tactile senses. This product includes 8 different shapes in many colors that are completely unknown to children until they explore it, providing an element of surprise as children gain knowledge of the world around them. The bag acts as a manipulative exercise and encourages exploration through hands-on activities in order to recognize different shapes and colors with each geometric shape contained within the bag. With this product, teachers can help their students build basic awareness about geometry, promote problem-solving skills, strengthen fine motor skills and sharpen their analytical abilities.



Mystery Bag – Geometric Shapes by Libo is a set of sensorial Montessori materials which offer an engaging way for children to learn about shapes and sizes. It is made from child safe materials and has a high quality fine finish which makes it ideal for use in Montessori teaching aids. The bag contains eight geometric shapes in different sizes, each one requiring the child to match the correct shape with the correct size before finding their place back in the bag. This activity helps young minds learn confidence, problem solving and logical thinking skills. With its vibrant colors and smooth edges, this mystery bag offers a fun filled learning experience for children of all ages.


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