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Short Chain In A Box

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Libo’s Short Chain In A Box is an engaging and educational Montessori material that helps children build basic mathematical concepts. This product features a wooden box with several graduated colored chains of different lengths inside, which helps children learn to compare, sort, and count through play. The set also includes a guide full of lesson plans and activities designed to help young learners explore patterns and practice basic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and more. Ideal for educational environments such as daycares, preschools or elementary classrooms – this short chain in a box will help foster essential cognitive skills in any child!



The Short Chain In A Box from Libo is a high-quality mathematical Montessori material perfect for teaching children length, numeracy and sequencing. Made of child-safe materials, the pieces have a fine finish for maximum comfort and durability. The classic Montessori teaching aid comes in a cardboard box and includes five graduated cards with different chains attached. These chains are made of a combination of colored plastic rods, cubes, spindles in different lengths, designed to help students understand basic mathematical concepts such as length comparison and sequencing without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated. Each chain is clearly marked at the end with corresponding numbers making it easier to identify length differences from one chain to another. Perfect for teachers and parents looking for educational materials that can stimulate children’s curiosity while also reinforcing fundamental math skills at an early age.


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