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Wall Frame For Short Chain

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The Libo Wall Frame For Short Chain provides an engaging and educational mathematical activity for children following the Montessori Method. This wall frame allows children to develop beneficial motor skills, math knowledge, and problem-solving capabilities as they use it to build a series of chains on the frame’s wall. The colorful pieces attach in multiple ways to inspire creative hands-on exploration of patterns, numbers, and counting. Children can even use the chains to form letter shapes or designs. With this intuitive and fun Montessori product, your child can take advantage of all the benefits that come with self-directed learning!



The Libo Wall Frame For Short Chain is the perfect mathematical Montessori material to aid in teaching young children. It is crafted with quality and safety in mind, using only the highest-quality materials that have been rigorously tested to ensure they are child-safe. Featuring a sturdy construction and a fine finish, this wall frame helps children learn basic math principles while developing essential skills such as problem solving, spatial awareness and counting.

The Wall Frame for Short Chains has been designed with an innovative Montessori-style design, allowing kids to engage in hands-on activities that encourage learning through exploration and manipulation. The frame comes with twenty-four plastic beads of varying colors and sizes, all strung along a four-meter rope that hangs from the wall frame. Kids can practice addition and subtraction by manipulating these colorful beads along the rope as they learn how different numerical concepts relate to each other in real life scenarios. This wall frame is not only a great learning tool for young kids but also adds an attractive decorative accent any classroom or home setting.


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