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Small square root board

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Introducing Libo’s Small Square Root Board, an essential Montessori material for teaching and understanding mathematical concepts. This engaging educational tool is designed to help children learn and practice the principles of square root operations on a tangible board. The board comes complete with 10 digits arranged in two columns, representing the number being squared and the result. All components are printed on high quality cardboard, making them easy to manipulate and giving them a long-lasting durability. With this tool, children can learn to figure out square roots as easily as working with an abacus or calculator. Recommended for children ages 5+ years old, Libo’s Small Square Root Board is an excellent Montessori material to help foster math literacy!



This Small Square Root Board is an excellent Montessori material made by Libo. It is crafted with child safe materials that are designed to be gentle and non-toxic on the skin while being sturdy enough to last through rigorous use and practice sessions. The fine finish of the board provides a smooth and polished look, while also increasing its durability.

The Small Square Root Board is one of the most useful teaching aids used in Montessori schools. It has been specially designed to help teach students basic mathematical concepts such as square roots. It is made from high quality materials and has a very sleek design which ensures it can withstand regular use in any classroom setting. The square root board helps children gain confidence in their mathematical abilities and encourages them to explore further into more complex concepts later on.


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