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Tens Bead Box

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The Tens Bead Box from Libo is the perfect addition to your Montessori materials and helps teach children mathematical principles. This box contains 10 sets of 10 beads in different colors, allowing your child to count, add and subtract with ease. Each set is color-coded for easy identification and easy-grasp beads that help your child stay organized when learning. The Tens Bead Box not only encourages creativity but also helps kids learn basic math skills in an interactive way!



The Tens Bead Box from Libo is the perfect mathematical Montessori Materials for young learners. Each box contains ten wooden beads, graduating in size and color. The finely finished beads are made from high-quality materials and are completely safe for use by children, making them a great Montessori teaching aid. The wooden box gives the set a neat and organized appearance that will look appealing on any classroom shelf, while also keeping the beads safely stored away. Furthermore, each bead fits neatly into its designated position to ensure that it won’t become lost or misplaced during playtime. As such, the Tens Bead Box makes an ideal resource for teaching math to young students in a fun, interactive way.


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