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Addition Snake Game

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The Libo Addition Snake Game is the perfect way to teach your child basic mathematical concepts in a fun and engaging environment. This Montessori-inspired product offers kids an opportunity to sharpen their addition skills, by playing a fun game with an adorable snake character. The goal of the game is for kids to use their addition abilities to race the snake around the board, competing against either time or other players. With colorful illustrations and simple rules that are easy for any age group to understand, this product is sure to be a preferred educational tool for your family.



The Addition Snake Game from Libo is the perfect Montessori material for your child’s math education. This innovative game combines the educational benefits of traditional Montessori teaching aids with fun and interactive game play to help develop basic math skills. This product is made from high quality, child safe materials and crafted with a fine finish. The addition snake game will provide hours of amusement as your child learns how to add single digits from 1-9. Each coloured snake body segment represents a single digit number, and when they are connected together they form equations in a variety of shapes! The Addition Snake Game encourages critical thinking, develops fine motor skills, builds problem solving abilities, and helps students practice basic addition facts. It is the perfect tool for learning math in an engaging way!


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